Opera Mini Web Browser APK

Opera Mini fast Web Browser APK

Published date: 08-12-2017
Size: 7.1 MB
Require: Android 4.1+


Opera mini is useful for you with wasting your data plan. it is a fast, save and user friendly browser. it support every type of files like weather for-cost, Adopt reader and all other supported browser.

The Opera Mini browser for android lets you do everything you want to online without wasting your data plan. It's Fast. It saves tons of data. It's secure and it is really easy to use new features.

  • Better downloads: we've improved the success rate of your downloads, so you get the content you want.
  • QR codes: now you can scan and generate QR codes from right inside the browser.
Opera Mini Web Browser APK

Latest Version: 32.0.2254.122956

Previous versions:
Opera Mini Version: 17.0.2211.106454
Opera Mini Version: 18.0.2254.106542
Opera Mini Version: 19.0.2254.108259
Opera Mini Version: 19.0.2254.108926
Opera Mini Version: 19.0.2254.109835
Opera Mini Version: 20.0.2254.110104
Opera Mini Version: 20.0.2254.110285
Opera Mini Version: 20.0.2254.110627
Opera Mini Version: 21.0.2254.111677
Opera Mini Version: 21.0.2254.111920
Opera Mini Version: 22.0.2254.113472
Opera Mini Version: 23.0.2254.114923
Opera Mini Version: 23.0.2254.115213
Opera Mini Version: 24.0.2254.115784
Opera Mini Version: 25.0.2254.116653
Opera Mini Version: 26.0.2254.117421
Opera Mini Version: 26.0.2254.117551
Opera Mini Version: 26.0.2254.118423
Opera Mini Version: 27.0.2254.119213
Opera Mini Version: 28.0.2254.119213
Opera Mini Version: 29.0.2254.120398
Opera Mini Version: 30.0.2254.121224

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