Retrica Discover Yourself APK

Retrica Discover Yourself APK

Published Date: 30-11-2017
Size: 46.8 MB
Require: Android 5.0+


I want to introduce you one more social media application Retrica APK which is a near infinite combination of live filters, Layout, editing and secret sharing options. You can share your moments  a million ways and share it to the friends and contracts. If You're looking for a few photo app that's loaded with filters, Retrica is the one to download ......Cnet.

For a simple but effective app that's all about special filters, look no further than Retrica. said in New York Time.

Millions of photos are taken daily with Retrica all around the world.

Retrica Discover Yourself APK


  • Retrica works perfectly with Instagram, Facebook and other services.
  • Preview memory before you take it.
  • Notify your moment the way you want.
  • Use blur and vignette to focus and remember what's important.

Latest Version 5.10.0
Google play install

Retrica Apk  version 3.2.0 dated 11-08-2016
Retrica Apk  version 3.2.1 dated 23-08-2016
Retrica Apk  version 3.3.0 dated 10-09-2016
Retrica Apk  version 3.4.1 dated 29-09-2016
Retrica Apk  version 3.6.1 dated 18-11-2016
Retrica Apk  version 3.7.0 dated 30-11-2016
Retrica Apk  version 3.7.6 dated 09-12-2016
Retrica Apk  version 3.8.0 dated 16-12-2016
Retrica Apk  version 3.10.0 dated 12-01-2017
Retrica Apk  version 4.1.0 dated 24-05-2017
Retrica Apk  version 5.1.2 dated 28-07-2017
Retrica Apk  version 5.3.0 dated 22-08-2017
Retrica Apk  version 5.4.0 dated 07-09-2017
Retrica Apk  version 5.5.0 dated 26-09-2017
Retrica Apk  version 5.7.0 dated 24-10-2017
Retrica Apk  version 5.8.0 dated 02-11-2017
Retrica Apk  version 5.9.1 dated 17-11-2017

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