Parallel space - Multi Accounts APK

Parallel space - Multi Accounts APK

Publish date: 08-12-2017
Size: 6.5 MB
Require: Android 4.0.3+


  • Balance your file and work easily.
  • Double your gaming experience and have more fun.
  • Almost all apps are supported.
  • Enjoy your favorite apps without worrying about.
  • Cought by your friends and colleagues.
  • Powerful and stable, while easy to use.
  • Unique, Parallel space is based on multi Droid, the first application virtualization engine on Android.

  • Permission: The permissions required by parallel space are applied by all the apps running inside. 
  • Memory: Battery and network traffic consumed by parallel space and used by the various apps running inside of it. You can check them in storage or Task manager in control centre in parallel space.
  • Please add parallel space to white list or exceptional list in booster apps to allow social networking apps receive message in time.
  • There are supposed to be a different phone numbers from the main account while trying to login same particular apps in parallel space for the first time, and it should be available to get a verification code. Please note that two accounts of the same phone numbers can't be online at the same time.
Parallel space - Multi Accounts APK
Latest Version: 4.0.8379
Google play install

Previous Versions:             
17-10-2016   Parallel space -Multi Accounts APK v-3.1.6156
01-11-2016   Parallel space -Multi Accounts APK v-3.1.6210
21-11-2016   Parallel space -Multi Accounts APK v-3.1.6341
01-12-2016   Parallel space -Multi Accounts APK v-3.1.6439
12-12-2016   Parallel space -Multi Accounts APK v-3.1.6548
14-12-2016   Parallel space -Multi Accounts APK v-3.1.6667
17-01-2017   Parallel space -Multi Accounts APK v-3.1.6672
25-01-2017   Parallel space -Multi Accounts APK v-3.1.7097
27-01-2017   Parallel space -Multi Accounts APK v-3.1.7141
02-03-2017   Parallel space -Multi Accounts APK v-3.1.7298
08-03-2017   Parallel space -Multi Accounts APK v-3.5.7480
18-03-2017   Parallel space -Multi Accounts APK v-3.5.7574
06-04-2017   Parallel space -Multi Accounts APK v-3.5.7691
26-04-2017   Parallel space -Multi Accounts APK v-4.0.7941
11-05-2017   Parallel space -Multi Accounts APK v-4.0.8091
09-06-2017   Parallel space -Multi Accounts APK v-4.0.8150
30-06-2017   Parallel space -Multi Accounts APK v-4.0.8203
20-07-2017   Parallel space -Multi Accounts APK v-4.0.8248
29-09-2017   Parallel space -Multi Accounts APK v-4.0.8276
26-10-2017   Parallel space -Multi Accounts APK v-4.0.8339
13-11-2017   Parallel space -Multi Accounts APK v-4.0.8364

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