PayPal APK

PayPal APK 

Publish date: 12-09-2018
Size: 47.1 MB
Require: Android 4.4+


I want to share here a unique app which will helpful for you to monitor your online transaction, Fund receipt, Transfer, Online purchases and more you wants to do online. 

Through this application  you easily send and receive  money almost in the world in just click. Manage all the ways you send, receive and spend money at a glance, it's all here.

Send money in second:

Send money using just their email address or mobile number. Where the money arrives in their account they can spend the money online or withdraw it with just a tap. and it's completely free when you send money to your friends in the US from your bank account of PayPal balance.

Get Paid with easy:

Send a request for money that allows people to pay back with just tap. Whether you collecting money for a group of gift or some thing you sold online.
PayPal APK

Stay on top of it all:

Whether you send, receive and spend money with PayPal, the app sends an instant notification to help you keep of it all. Whether you use PayPal credit or debit cards to pay with PayPal- you confind every thing and anything you need to simply manage ti all in this secure app.

Latest version: 7.0.1

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