Google Play Games APK for free downloading

Google Play Games APK for free downloading 

Publish date: 12-03-2018
Size: 12.2 MB
Require: Android 4.0+

GalvetronPublishers is going to introduce you a well known game app. Google Play Games. This app get more fun, complete with friends, track your achievements and pick up where you left off. If you want to play more games than you update your game profile in Gamer . You can also record your game and share to YouTube. And love puzzles, racing sports or Action games. You can choose from thousands of great games from right with in the app. You can play games any where in the world.

Google Play Games APK for free downloading


  • Through this app you can easily record and share your favorite games from your Mobile.
  • Create your custom gamer ID, Earn XP and level up as your master games across google play.
  • Pick up right where you left off, from any device.
  • Complete challenges, earn awards and track them all right from the app. Then, see how you stack up again other players. Even you will earn money some games when you will reached the topper on games. Note: Only available in certain countries.

Latest Version: 5.5.81 (187410503-300)

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