Yahoo Messenger APK

Yahoo Messenger APK

Yahoo messenger is developed by Yahoo that lets you to sent text, voice messages for your yahoo contracts. It is important for use of this app is that you must have an active yahoo account.

Its important for adding the other yahoo accounts and communicate with them by using this app, as well as you can send messages,  you can send pictures and videos messages (as long as you have the right plugin)

Some users may find it annoying to need additional plugin for sending files such as pictures, but keeping mind that yahoo messenger takes up less than 4 Megabyte of space on your device memory. Other words it is a lighter messaging tool on out there.

Yahoo messenger is an instant messenger app (Instant messaging) with its pros and cons. on one hand, it's light and it flow easily; on the other hand it's interface is old fashioned and not only very intuitive. Another important thing is that it doesn't have a large user base or a particular user friendly registration process.

Yahoo Messenger APK


  • Calls: Yahoo messenger support voice calls, video calling on some android devices.
  • Voice mail and file sharing: IT support voice mailing and file sharing capabilities to anyone up to size of 2GB.
  • Plugin: It facilitate the users to plugin, which are than hosted and showcased on the yahoo plugin gallery.
  • Yahoo Music Radio: Yahoo messenger users can listen the free and paid internet radio services using the yahoo official music radio plugin from with in the messenger window. The plugin also player functionality, such as play, pause, skip and rate the song.
  • Yahoo Chat: You can also free chat with the help of yahoo messenger. 

Yahoo Messenger version 2.2.0 for Android

Latest Version: 2.9.4
Publish date: 04-08-2017
Require: Android 4.4+
Size: 12.9 MB
Previous Versions:
Yahoo Messenger version 2.4.0 for Android 
Yahoo Messenger version 2.5.1 for Android  
Yahoo Messenger version 2.6.0 for Android   

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