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Basic guide fof Accounting Software

Basic guide for Myob (ABSS) Accounting Software


I present here a basic guide for beginner  Mayob (ABSS) accounting software.  MYOB mean my own business. it is a software for your business for recording  your business transaction in a systematical ways. It is an Australian based software. It was founded in early 1980s, a team of developers at Teleware, Inc, who purchased by best software Inc, in 1993. In 1997 entered into on agreement with best software to buy the company MYOB and brought the intellectual property rights to software. In 1999 data Tech changed its name to MYOB limited and listed on Australian Stock Exchange on 9th July, 1999.

MYOB accounting software is an mobile application who help you, use of this software for your business transaction, book keeping as well as easily understanding the booking of your bills, invoices, accounting cycle for updates of your specific transaction and whole business accounts.
By the use of this application you will know about the below understandings:
1. What is accounting software MAYOB?
2. Features in software that will beneficial for your business.
3. Tips and tricks of this software.
4. Know about the questions that burning your mind about this software.
5. Free downloading process. 
There are 4 main tasks performed on a daily basis:

  • To create delivery order and invoice with print out.
  • Make purchase order and bring the stick for your business need.
  • Recording payments/ receipts and print official receipts.
  • Recording payments to your suppliers, receipt from your customers. It also support printing of cheques.

Basic guide for Myob (ABSS) Accounting Software
What features does MYOB offer?
  1. Online Word.
  2. GST calculation and tracking.
  3. To manage invoices, bills and statements.
  4. Accept payments from invoices.
  5. Record sell goods and services.
  6. To recording of payments of expenses.
  7. Listing of customers and suppliers.
  8. Manage bank feeds such as bank accounts and credit cards.
  9. Automatic calculation of payroll and real time access for employees.
MYOB accounting software also offer apps for IOS(apple) and android versions. It Provide accounting rights for making accounts and easy manage and perform accounting transections when you are on the way or any other palace other than your office. Through this app you can create invoices, bills or any other transaction just your mobile phone or smart phone.


Letgo: Buy and Sell used stuff App

Letgo: Buy and Sell used stuff App

I introduce you an unique Mobil app which will helpful for you to buy and sell your used stuff. It's mobile marketing support application.

A fun and unique way to buy and sell second hand stuff with in your location. Simple, great deal! get cash for the things you not longer need to use. Letgo is faster, safer and better than traditional classified ads. Easily offer up your items for sale in less than 30 seconds. Earn cash easily. It is the best opportunity to make money by selling things that you not more need.

It make transactions in a safe shopping environment know the location where the item was posted and complete information about the seller and buyers profile. Chat privately with seller and buyers right from the app to buy and sell items.

You can search for products from different categories like cars and motors, home and gardens, electronics, fashion and accessories, babies and children, sports, movies and more.

It is a easily make money selling the things which you don't more need or you want to buy things which you want to purchase low cost. So this application will support you to buy or sell your need just your figure moments.

Letgo is unique simple way. Millions of mobile or tablet user through out the world already download this app and use. They share their experiences that it fulfil the requirements of these users.

Letgo is a simple mobile classifieds app that allows its users to buy or sale their needful items. You can use letgo to bargain shop or to finally letgo of things collecting dust around your house.

Letgo is similar to other Apps like Wallapop or craigslist, sellers will post their items and wait for a buyer to contract them. Once a contact has been made, the seller can then haggle after a return policy, or sell as is, and setup a meeting place to exchange the items for cash.

Letgo Buy and Sell used stuff App

How to use Letgo?
It is very easy to use letgo. You must sign up before you can post or wants to purchase things from letgo through your android phone or tablets. Simply download the app and tap on the sign up button to create an account. Here you can tap a link to signing through your Facebook account or inter information into the mentioned field, to continue. After you are logging you will be presented with the letgo home screen. This pic will guide you during your login process:
Features of Letgo:

  1. LETGO provide a platform for buyers and seller to buy and sale their used items in a single umbrella.
  2. Easy signup, sign-in, post of items and search your required used items.
  3. Post a item for sale in just a few second. This is the only app of its kind cutting edge image recognition and artificial intelligence to auto title and category your second hand items so you don't have to use more. 
Latest Version: 2.5.4
Publish date: 11-10-2018
Required: Android 4.1+
Size: 21.6 MB


Microsoft Excel Apk for Android


Microsoft Excel Apk for Android

Microsoft Excel spreadsheet developed by Microsoft for Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS.

Today's you can use your smart phone for just about every thing. There are a log of Android Apps for gating things done, for doing your office work weather for cost, calculation of taxes, Purchase of things necessities and game online or physical form. Apps are new and old that represent the very best that android has to offer.

You can handle your excel spreadsheet app lets you create, view and share files with others quickly and easily. It also support your workbook, attached to email messages. You can do your work anywhere, anyone without any problem with excel. Your office is on your figure range. 

Through this app you can created and manage your personal budget, Personal accounts and office work. Excel gives you the capabilities to build your spreadsheet to meet your specific needs.

Through this you just start your budget or task list with excel modern temples. You can try rich format options to make your workbook easier to read and use. Spreadsheet format and formulas operate the same way.

You can review your excel files from any device, anytime you can edit your data or update your task list from anywhere. Sort and filter columns and rows for review. Create duplicate, hide and un hide sheets  freeze and unfreeze rows and columns in any workbook.  

You insert column chars to bring your data to life. Add and edit chart labels to highlight key insight. You can make notes, highlight portions of you worksheets, create shapes or solve math equations using the draw tab in excel on devices with touch capabilities.

You can easily share your files with a button click to quickly invite others to edit, view or leave comments directly in your workbook. Copy content in your worksheet in the body of an email message with its format intact. Attach or copy a link to your workbook for other sharing options.

Microsoft Excel Apk for Android

  • It calculation your spreed sheet data with the help of different formulas and formats.
  • Its free for downloading.
  • Easy to use.
  • It support graphic tools.
  • A Macro programming language called visual basic for applications.
  • Microsoft Excel for tablet feature all the PC app's indispensable creation and editing features in a neat interface.

Latest Version: 16.0.12430.20120
Publish date: 24-01-2020
Size: 71.7 MB
Require: Android 6.0+
Google Play Install
download Excel


Temple Rum Game


Temple Run Game 

Temple run game is endless 3D video game is published by "Imangi Studios". It is produced, designed and programmed by a husband and wife team Keith Shepherd and Natalia Luckyanova and with art and Kint Tchonogov. This game initially realised for iOS devices, and later ported to Android system and windows phones.

According to Shepherd, the three people who made Temple Run -- him , his wife Natalia Luckyanova and Artist Kiril Tchangove took a conservative approach to development, building and game in five months and hoping it would become a hit that didn't leave a lot of time for bells and whistles although one could argue that Temple Run, like many mobile games, struck a chart because the core experience is so easy to grasp while being additive.  

As Sequel to the oregional game released on January 17. 2013 for iOS and on January 24 for Android. As of January 14 Temple run and its sequel have been downloaded over one billion times.

Temple run game is a full of action game, Full of concentration and timing decision taking game. When you start this game while dodging the many different kinds of obstacles during your way.

Some other running games than Temple Run, which the control are limited to jumping to dodge objects, in this game you have to do several different things, slide your finger across the scree of your iPhone to get your character to turn corners, more the iOS device from one side to another so your character runs more to the left or right side, swipe upwards for him to jump and download to get him crouch.

During your run to avoid different obstacles which contain gaps, tree branches and traps, you must collect the coins possible. You can also purchase several different improvements for your character such as magic and special skills.

This is a well graphics and designed character model and textures that generally are well executed. The design isn't bad either, which helps give the overall appearance a comfortable look.

Temple run is a very interesting run game with full control that fit for iPhone and iPad. It is a great game and i suggest you to download the game and enjoy your free time with your iPhone and iPad and android phone.

Temple Run Game for android mobile phone
Features of Temple Run:
  • Free downloading for iPhone and iPad.
  • Beautiful and new graphics.
  • Magnificent organic environment. 
  • New obstacles 
  • More power ups.
  • More achievements.
  • Special opportunities for new characters. 
There are more than millions of Android phone users around the glob play this game on their android, iPhone, iPad and other devices and they are giving positive feed back about this application.

Latest version: 1.12.0
Dated: 12-12-2019
Size: 37.46 MB


UC Browser - Fast download APK for Android and all type of Phones. APK

UC Browser - Fast download APK for Android and all type of Phones. APK

Updated on: 25-02-2020
Size: 49.7 MB
Require: Android 4.0+

UC browser is a mobile browser which available for android .iOS, Windows Phones, Symbian OS for Nokia, Ji passing safari. such as this browser is compatible with a number of operating systems including all type of phones.

The browser uses cloud acceleration and data compression technology, UC Browser's services act as a proxy which compress the data of web pages before sending it to uses. It is a gift of Chinese Mobile internet company "UC WEB detailed in Alibaba". It help you to load web content faster. The browser can adapt to same network environments and support multi file format downloading. Further more UC Browser has HTML 5 web app and cloud syncing features.

In addition, UC Browser HD also support a night mode that allows you to surf the internet without light, but without hurting your eyes in the process something typical when you want to search some in the night during your bed timing. The special Facebook add on also allows you to quickly and easily get around the popular social network.

Another one is incognito mode. It is the browser line Chrome' s incognito window, you can brows without leaving a trace trace of your action on the internet.

The Browser supports simultaneous downloads and includes a download manager, including pages for offline reading. It support pause and resume downloads. The new version of download manager has improve features to solve problems while downloading, such as an intimated internet connection and mislabelled files. The download process will continue even after the app is closed and will also automatically resume if the download is interrupted for some reasons. The download manager automatically sorts downloaded files according to their type and place them in respective folders.

UC Browser - Fast download APK

Features of UC Browser:
  • This browser uses cloud acceleration and data compression technology.
  • This unique featured browser speeds up Facebook, no matter the speed of your internet , UC browser finds a way to increase the speed.
  • UC browser support speed up and stabilizer download and further more if any drop connections this browser continues downloading from the breakpoints.
  • This browser control videos with gestures, volume, brightness progress etc can all be controlled by gestures in uc browser.
  • It support night, you can switch to night .
  • The browser supports simultaneous downloads and including a download manager, including pager or offline reading. it support pause and resume downloads. The new version of download manager has improved features to solve problems while downloading, such as an intermittent internet connection and mislabelled files. The download is interrupted for some reason. The download manager automatically sorts download files according to their type and places then in the respective folders.
  • This browser can be used to share any webpage or internet content to face book and twitter.
  • UC browser will display any movie and TV series! the menu has categories with videos for all tastes; the humor, the clips, girls, anime, trailers and even war films. 
  • According to some researchers "UC Browser" is not a secure browser. It has privacy issues and the browser has many many vulnerabilities, we can say that its a challenge for users and always for producers of this browser. 

Latest versions:
Download UC Browsers For:


CCleaner APK for Your android, PC, Mac free downloading

CCleaner APK for Your android, PC, Mac free downloading 

CCleaner for PC,Mac or Android is available here for free downloading in 47 different languages all over the world. It is a popular application tool for cleaning of unwanted files form system or device with in just one click.
This tool is basically used for cleaning of unwanted files lift by certain programs like internet explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Microsoft office, Sun Java, Adobe Flash player etc along with browser history, cookies log files, system cashes, application data and various other data sources of your system, Android or Mac devices.

CCleaner remove unwanted files from your system or Smart Phone allowing them to run faster by freeing up the previous hard disk space and allows you to keep you security by removing traces of your online browsing activities or browsers history to secure your privacy. 

CCleaner APK for Your android, PC, Mac free downloading
Features of CCleaner for Your PC, MAC and Android individually mentioned here for your kind 
information please:

CCleaner for PC:
CCleaner for pc is the secure-able and easy to usable tool. It protect your pc that for the purpose of protection of privacy and make your PCs speed up and it clean your unwanted files just seconds. CCleaner along with cookies keeping privacy. when you start your pc, CCleaner start the cleaning process automatically.

 Version: 5.04.5151 for PC

CCleaner for Mac:
It is the best tool for your Mac. It clean your Mac make it up fast, protect your Mac privacy online and more secure your Mac computer.
  • Improve OS X (10.10) Yosemite compatibility
  • Added safari 8 cleaning.
  • Improve start up items management.
  • Improve cookies management.
  • Added social media links and more.  

Version 1.09.313 for Mac
CCleaner for Android:
It remove junk, reclaim, space monitor your android and browser safely. Become the master of your own device with the ultimate cleaning.
  • Speed up your phone and remove junk safely, clean application cashes, download faster browse history, clipboard content.
  • Delete call logs and SMS individually in bulk, by age or by content.
  • Streamline your android phone or tablet. 
  • Quickly and easily uninstall multiple unwanted applications and free valuable storage space on your device.
  • It optimize your android in just a few click, simple, intuitive user interface and navigate.
  • Monitor your phone by checking the usage of your CPU, Keep tracks of your RAM and internet storage space.
  •  It check your battery levels and temperature. 

Version 4.14.0 for Android
Size: 18.1
Date of publication: 28-01-2020
Require: Android: 4.4+



Yahoo Messenger APK

Yahoo Messenger APK

Yahoo messenger is developed by Yahoo that lets you to sent text, voice messages for your yahoo contracts. It is important for use of this app is that you must have an active yahoo account.

Its important for adding the other yahoo accounts and communicate with them by using this app, as well as you can send messages,  you can send pictures and videos messages (as long as you have the right plugin)

Some users may find it annoying to need additional plugin for sending files such as pictures, but keeping mind that yahoo messenger takes up less than 4 Megabyte of space on your device memory. Other words it is a lighter messaging tool on out there.

Yahoo messenger is an instant messenger app (Instant messaging) with its pros and cons. on one hand, it's light and it flow easily; on the other hand it's interface is old fashioned and not only very intuitive. Another important thing is that it doesn't have a large user base or a particular user friendly registration process.
 Historical Backgrounds of Yahoo messenger:
Yahoo messenger is an advertisement supported instant messenger client messaging client and associated protocol provided be yahoo! Yahoo messenger is provided free of charges and can be downloaded and used with a generic "Yahoo ID" which also allows access to other yahoo services, such as yahoo mail, where users can be automatically noticed when they receive new mail. Yahoo! also offer PC-to PC to Phone, Phone to Phone to PC services, File transfers, webcam hosting text messaging services and chat rooms in various categories.

Yahoo Messenger was originally launched under the name Yahoo Pager on March 9, 1998. As on December 14, 2012 all public chat rooms on Yahoo messenger have been shutdown as part of a services of features being changed/deleted. On March 27, 2016 the only support clients are the Android, iOS and web browser clients. The oregional windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris are not supported anymore and their services began shutting down on Aug 5, 2016.  

Yahoo Messenger APK


  • Calls: Yahoo messenger support voice calls, video calling on some android devices.
  • Voice mail and file sharing: IT support voice mailing and file sharing capabilities to anyone up to size of 2GB.
  • Plugin: It facilitate the users to plugin, which are than hosted and showcased on the yahoo plugin gallery.
  • Yahoo Music Radio: Yahoo messenger users can listen the free and paid internet radio services using the yahoo official music radio plugin from with in the messenger window. The plugin also player functionality, such as play, pause, skip and rate the song.
  • Yahoo Chat: You can also free chat with the help of yahoo messenger. 

Latest Version: 2.10.0
Publish date:03-10-2017
Require: Android 4.4+
Size: 12.7 MB
Yahoo Messenger for android phone


Kik messenger for android free download

Kik messenger for android free download 

Publish date: 19-11-2019
Size: 40.97 MB
Require: Android 4.1+
Language: English +12 More languages 
Licence: Free
Author: Kik Interactive 

Kik messenger for android free download

Kik messenger is a free mobile application which help you to exchange online on wifi or your data plan.It has no more charges for text messing. Kik messenger is similar to whats-app messenger and Blackberry messenger. It also support most of the Android phones, Blackberry, windows phones or Nokia Phones. Through Kik messenger you create groups and send each others unlimited text messages, Images, videos and edited drawing messages. It is also a web browser, You can easily search the internet, YouTube and all type of sites.

It is free for downloading and you can use your existing data plane or WiFi for sending and receiving messages.It charge its cost when your data plan are exceeded or WiFi connection is disconnected.

Historical Background of Kik Messenger:
Kik messenger was founded in 2009 by some students from the University of Waterloo in Canada. Who wished to create new technologies for use in mobile, Smartphones. Kik Messenger is the first app developed by Kik interactive, and was released on October 19, 2010 with in 15 days of its release, this app reached one million users registrations with twitter being created as a catalyst for this new application's popularity.  
In November 24, 2010 research in Motion (RIM) Kik Messenger from Blackberry app world and limited the functionality of the software for its users. RIM also used Kik interactive for patent infringement and misuse of trade mark. In October 2013 the companies settled in lawsuit, with the terms undisclosed.
In November 2014 Kik announced a $38.3 million series C funding round and it first acquisition, buying GIF messenger "Relay" The funding was from valiant capital partners, Millennium technology value partners and SV Angle. By this time, Kik has raised a total of $70.5 million. 


  1. Group Chat:       Kik messenger contain group chat functions. Group chats allow two or more people to joint the conversation or you have the option to invite only or public for chat.Group chat provide you a platform to conversation with in your friends. Every group admin contact and set the group for group chat. The group members only joint the group.
  2. Browsing:         Latest versions of Kik messenger has an inbuilt kik browser. So you can search for new apps and chat rooms. After clicking on the search option it display the list of recommended app. You will be able to use the apps within some securities or control.
Kik messenger is an interesting alternative to giants like whats-app and LINE. It has smaller features and simple interface. If it has any downside it would  probably be the regeneration process, which can be a little tedious compared to other application. 

Latest Version:



APK Editor APK Free download for your Android

APK Editor APK Free download for your Android

Size: 9.5 MB
Publish date: 08-11-2017
Require: Android 3.2+

APK Editor is a package file format for using of android operating system for distribution and installation of mobile applications and middle-ware. APK files are analogous to other software packages such as APPX in Microsoft windows or Deb packages in Debian based operating system like Ubuntu. To make an apk file , a program for android is first compiled and than all of its parts are packaged into one file.

An Apk file contains all of that program's code (Such as ".dox" files) resources, assets, certificates and manifest files. An in the case with many file formats Apk files can have any name needed, provided that the file name ends in ".apk"

Apk files are a type of archive files, specially in Zip format packages based on the JAR file formats with .apk as the filename extension. The MIME type associated with Apk files is application/vnd.android.package-archive. 
Your are downloading APK Editor APK for your android to get a powerful tool that can edit/hack the files to do lots of changes with fun. It can help you to do things like string localisation, background image replacement, layout, re-architecture and even ad eliminating removing etc. What it can do depend on how you use it. Hove every it use it well, it need only little skills.

Through this app you can choose two type of editing. Full Editing which lets you rebuild files from an APK. and the second is Simple Edit, which lets you replace the files inside an apK. First one is more complex than the second one.

Use of APK Editor:

First of course you will need to obtain the .apk file that you want to edit there are two methods to do it: Step 1:
1. If you have the recovery flash-able zip for the rom you are currently on simply open it up, navigate to the file which you want to edit (in some cases. system--app--setting .apk) file into your desktop.
2. Using root browser or a similar app on your device, navigation to the .apk you wish to edit and copy it in to your SD Card. than connect your computer and copy the file from your phone to the computer.
Step 2: Install WinRar by clicking the lind of WinRar. Open the .apk by right clicking the file--open with--winRar . now you can look around the .apk file. Find a file inside the .apk which you want to edit (in case i am going to navigate to res--mipmap--hdpi--ic--launcher--setting.png). Just drag the file from the .apk and edit to your liking.
3rd Step: Put it back on your device to see the changes in effect, there's no point having it on your computer. There are two ways to go about this.
1. Open your rom and navigate to the place where you look your .apk file from. click on the old .apk file and press the delete button. Now drag your new edited .apk file in to the zip, than connect your device to your computer and drag the rom into the SDCard and flash it vie recovery . Now reboot the system and see your changes in effect.

APK Editor APK Free download for your Android
  • Permission Remover Features.
  • Change apk signature with apk deitor
  • Hack game resources.
  • Built in hack app data option.
  • Select any apk file to edit with this app.
  • You can also select apk file from the app directly.
  • The app has auto run manager features.
  • Modify any apk file and edit any apk file.
  • Manage auto run of an application.
  • Hack data of an application.
  • Modify a game value
  • Change any file extension name.

Latest version: 1.8.20

Google play Install 


Ebook and PDF Reader APK free downloading

Ebook and PDF Reader APK free downloading 

Size: 5.5 MB
Require: Android 2.3.2+
Publish date: 29-08-2016

Books are in electronic formats called E-Books. These books downloaded from the internet to Laptop, Mac, PC, Smart Phones or any other kinds of reading device. The user read these books in screen or print the books through printer and read it on hard form.

Ebooks are easy to download from internet like other soft products downloaded or purchase. The difference is that, after payments you will either be directed to a download page or receive the download link in an email. All you have to do is click on the link and the ebook will automatically download into your PC, Laptop, Android or any other device where you want to download it. More details about Ebooks benefits Click here.

Ebook reader is free and optimized for android device. It is one of the best document (PDF,fbz, JVU ect) viewer for Android.

It support you to customize the way you read on a per book basis. Each documents layout can be tailored to give you the best reading experience and all settings will be remembered the next time you will open it. Even ebook reader support the following ebook and documents such as DJVU, PDF, XPS, Fiction Ebook, Comics book formats.

Ebook and PDF Reader APK free downloading

Features of EBook and PDF Reader:

  • Bookshelf view and recent books in this app.
  • Book search results and file browser, file navigation features.
  • Full screen mode, light theme and black theme.
  • Set screen orientation Portrait and landscape option.
  • Configurable search directions. 
  • User created collections for sorting your books.
  • Third party books support.
  • Shop for ebooks within the app.
  • Easily and portable for every one.
Benefits of Ebooks for Students:

Today's style of Online learning is a popular than traditional learning, now, the increased availability of ebooks has made online reading even more convenient and affordable and easy to access. Click for more details .

Advantages of Ebooks:
  1. Travel: If you go on the way, you know how heavy regular titles are, Particularly if you intend to finish one book while you are out and need to bring another book with you. Ebook bring you a whole library with you every where you go.
  2. Storage: Ebooks available in soft forms that's why you no need to more physical space like traditional books.
  3. Prices: Ebooks price are affordable like other books.
  4. Speed: Online purchase facilitate you speed access of your required book. You can demand to any online bookstore sides any time. 
  5. Marketing; You can marketing of these books any other person on your behalf with the permission of online bookstore side.
Disadvantages of Ebooks:
There are some disadvantages of Ebooks:
  • Ebook readers can cost money although only some ebooks are free, but lots of ebook readers are all commercial devices that cost money to use there are hindered of Dollor which is a costly for readers. 
  • Reading of these books need to compatible programs or computers or devices.
  • Programs need patching of security vulnerabilities.
  • Not all book's formats are compatible with reader.
  • Ebook can cause eyestrain.
  • Ebook do not have a defined life.
  • Ebooks can be hacked.
Latest version: 2.2.0
EBook and PDF for android Phone


WordPress APK free downloading for android


WordPress APK free downloading for android 

Publish date: 17-07-2019
Require: Android 4.1+
Size: 13.89 MB

Media is the fourth pillar of any sovereign state. It is the most important and powerful tool to organize the people for their development and the press educate people for democratic process of governments. The wordpress apk is like a media tool where you can share your ideas, Projects and contents with all internet users or your targeted group all over the world. WordPress APK for Android puts the power of publishing in your hands, making it easy to create a consume content. Write, edit and publish the posts to your blog or side. It check stats and get inspired with great post in the reader what's more? it's open and free source.
Word press primary support website is WordPress.com. This support website hosts both word press codex, the online manual for WordPress and a living repository for WordPress information and documentation and word press forums, an active community of WordPress.
word press also features integrated link management, a search engine friendly, clean permalink structure, the ability to assign categories to posts, and support for tagging of posts. Automatic filters are also included, providing, standardised formatting and styling of text in post. WordPress also support the trackback and ping-back standards for displaying links to this sites that have themselves linked to a post or an article WordPress posts can be edited in HTML, using the visual editor, or using one of a number of plugins that allow for a variety of customised editing features.   
History of WordPress:

Wordpress released by Mall Mullenweg and Mike little on 27th May 2003 as a fork of b2/cafelog. It licence under which Wordpress software is realise is the GPLv2 from the free Software Foundation. 

WordPress APK free downloading for android

Wordpress is a gift for new bloggers, because this is the place where people create their website and do work on easiest blogging to carry out their work. it help new bloggers  to ranked up in google side ranking. so this is the best opportunity for new bloggers what have looking for break through. 
Word press for Android supports word press.com and self-hosted wordpress.org sides running wordpress 3.5 or higher. 

  • Post comments/view comments.
  • Social profiles (google+, Facebook and Twitter).
  • Material Design (Support Android 5.1+).
  • New Home screen.
  • RT: support and translation ready.
  • Pull and refresh option.
  • Three variant of listing view.
  • Author lists.
  • Splash screen.
  • Integrated with word-press website.
  • Google play services (ads)
  • Google Analytics.
  • New update status notifications.
  • About screen.
  • Search features.
  • View embed support.
  • Password protected posts.
  • Fire-base cloud messaging (New).
  • WordPress menu.
  • WordPress short code/ JavaScript (new).
  • Wordpress pages and taxonomies support (new)
  • Cache.
  • Deep links.
  • Feedback form.
  • Switch post to another post.
  • Zoom image features.
  • Rest API (secured API Key)
  • Share with other applications.
  • Updated detailed documentaion 

Latest version: 12.8


Google Play Games APK for free downloading

Google Play Games APK for free downloading 

Publish date: 29-06-2020
Size: 19.8 MB
Require: Android 4.1+

We are going to introduce you a well known game app. Google Play Games. This is an online gaming service and software developing kit operating by google for the android operating system. it is a multiplayer gaming capabilities, cloud services, social and public leader boards and achievements. this is allows a developer to incorporate the above features in their gaming with out having to develop those features from scratch themselves.    This app get more fun, complete with friends, track your achievements and pick up where you left off. If you want to play more games than you update your game profile in Gamer . You can also record your game and share to YouTube. And love puzzles, racing sports or Action games. You can choose from thousands of great games from right with in the app. You can play games any where in the world.

Google Play Games APK for free downloading


  • Through this app you can easily record and share your favorite games from your Mobile.
  • Create your custom gamer ID, Earn XP and level up as your master games across google play.
  • Pick up right where you left off, from any device.
  • Complete challenges, earn awards and track them all right from the app. Then, see how you stack up again other players. Even you will earn money some games when you will reached the topper on games. Note: Only available in certain countries.
  • Achievements: It set goals to encourage players to spend more time in your games and try new features, rewards them with experience points that players redeem to gain level ups in its play games profile.
  • Quests: Offer players in game rewards and benefits to exploring your game more deeply. Use particular items, reach a certain level or perform a specific game action, and set up quests without the need to release an app update.
  • Leader-board: Drive competition your player with daily and all time leader-boards create multiple leader-boards for game levels or other game features.
  • Multiplayer games: Add the challenge of playing against others to your real time and turn by turn games. Any player can invite to his friends to install your game across from factors and supported platforms.  
  • Game Gifts: Drive downloads and engagement by giving your players the ability to send virtual in game objects to their friends. Also let players request gifts and use gifts as a trading mechanism with in games.
  • Saved Game: You can be able to save games states to the cloud and enable players to resume games anytime on any of their devices. Cover images and descriptions show players where they lift off and attract them back.
  • Near by connections API: Increase the experience of your game for android TV by connecting seamlessly with your smart phone and tablets, to use them as second screen controllers.
  • Game Metadata updates: Simplify your game listing and player account management with the Google Play games services management API.
  • Game production and distribution task automation: Modify listing and upload icons for achievements and other game services implementations from the google play console.
  • Insights and alerts: Get information and how to improve your multiplayer, leader-board, achievements and other game services implementations from the Google Play Console.
  • Anti Piracy: Optionally disable game services for games not purchased from the play store.       

Latest Version: 2020.04.18184(311584623-311584623)000409
Google Play games for android phone


My Video downloader for Facebook APK

My Video downloader for Facebook APK 

Published on: 30-01-2020
Size:   7.5 MB
Require:  Android 4.1+

My video downloader is an app which help you to download videos for Facebook. You can save these videos in the place where you want to save. This app can download HD videos.

My Video downloader for Facebook APK


  • It download your liked , saved and other browsed videos from Facebook.
  • It support for direct sharing of videos with out downloading the video from website.
  • You can share the video with your friends with out downloading.
  • Download the videos from your news feed, group or pages 
After the login , you could get a message from Facebook Signing that " You are accessing it with Android" , don't worry thas how the app identified itself to Facebook. 

Latest version: 4.0.9
Video downloader for android phone


Google Pay APK free download for your android phone

Google Pay APK free download for your android phone

Publish date: 28-01-2020
Size: 15.9 MB
Require: 5.0+

If you want to adding a new card from any participating Bank, Snap a picture via the app. That's it. Simply unlock your phone and tap to use android pay at any countless payment terminal. More than 42 banks and credit unions supporting android pay in the US and Australia. This facility also available in more other countries specific banks such as UK. these information you can get form your near android pay banks and credit unions.

Google android pay is a simple and safe way to pay with your Android Phone and smartwatches at above one million stores at different location of US and UK and some other countries of the world such as Canada, Ireland,Poland,Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Belgium, Japan. Russia and New Zealand.

It  available in Google Pay finance category and the developer of this app is Google Inc. If you install and set up this app properly in your mobile phone or smartwatch with Google pay chip for make an easily and safe make of payments with any retailer that has a con-tactless terminal. 

Every time you just visit to store where you want to pay, Just open your smartphone or Smartwatch and hold this device near the payment system and the transaction will be carried out automatically. Remember that you can be use this to pay in place where the point of sale terminal supports con-tactless payments, the same once needed in order to pay by holding your card over them.

Google Android pay is not supporting for all banks and phones, it only support Android 4.4 and  smart watches, which properly installed this app and attached with google pay chip, that have near field communication and host emulation capabilities. As well as some banks provided this facility. Most new phones do head to the communication settings and look for options to enable it.

How you set up and use Android Pay:

Before you start android pay you will need to setup the app and add your credit card, debit cards and a security option than it will further help for use Click for details

Google Pay APK free download for your android phone

  • It keep your information safe, your actual number is never shared.
  • Android pay work with cards from most  banks developed countries.
  • A virtual number is used for your account information. 
  • Gaining access to Google wallet on mobile device.
  • Making point of sale purchase with a google wallet card.
  • withdrawing cash with a google wallet card and an ATM

 Latest version: 2.104.286073543
Google Play Install
Google Pay for android phone


Flip-board Your news Magazine APK

Flip-board Your news Magazine APK

Publish date: 14-06-2018
Size: 7.8 MB
Require: 4.4+


Fileboard is an application like your personal Magazine. Millions of people use this app to keep their personal data in one place. The new topics, Follow Topics and care about the stories, videos and photos that influence you. This service contain from social media news feeds and other sites present in magazine formulate and allow users to flips through the articles, magazine and vireos being shared.

The flipboard user also save the stories and other data in flipboard magazine.  

Flip-board Your news Magazine APK


  • You can collect stories which you love to read and you can also store videos and images.
  • Manage your all magazines in dashboard.
  • Easy access to Latest news on daily bases through your android phone.
  • It predict your that, what's happening new.
  • Enjoy flipboard in most of the countries in the world.
  • Use the Flipboard widget for quick access on your phone.
  • You can add contents from any site to your Flipboard magazines through the book market at share.

Latest version: 4.1.21

Flip-board download


Fake GPS for Pokemon Go APK free downloading

Fake GPS for Pokemon Go APK free downloading 

Size: 5.6 MB
Publish date: 22-06-2018
Require: 4.0.3+

Fake GPS for Pokemon Go APK free downloading

I introduce you an application which change your location virtually. You can go to New Yark just a click.

This app is a must have to Pokemon Go! You can visit other cities and get their greatness in the game. Its a very simple and inventive interface that allows you to change your location very fast.

for more details visit you tube side given below: http://youtube.be/qsanvupjefy  

Latest version: 4.9.2
download Fake GPS


Audio Manager APK free download for Android

Audio Manager APK free download for Android 

Publish date: 06-07-2015
Size: 3.1 MB
Require: Android 2.3.2+

Audio Manager APK free download for Android


I introduce you Audio Manager APK. Audio Manger is the best way to manage easily volume level anytime. Our users are able to change ringtone, notification and alarm sound using a simple explorer for free. Please don't hesitate to contract us for any reason at any time. We are willing to solver bugs and implement your suggestions.

Please be aware galvetronpublishers only share original and free Mobile APPS with out any modification. All the apps, games and posts are downloaded directly.

Latest version: 2.1

Audio Manager download for android phone


Mobile Doc scanner (MD Scane) lite APK

Mobile Doc scanner (MD Scane) lite APK

Size: 37.2 MB
Require: 4.0.3+
Publish date: 30-11-2017


I introduce you a mobile Doc scanner which is a new business tool exclusively for your android device with mobile doc scanner . You can scan any document, ranging from receipts to text pages and almost every thing in between on the go anywhere and anytime.

It Perfect companion for busy users, Magazine articles and more into PDF format order to easily export them,share and email it to others. MDScan automatically detects boarders, corrects distribution,and equalises brightness to create clear,legible documents at a very high speed for your connivance.

Going above and beyond other mobile scanning solution MDScan offers batch shooting mode for a super fast scanning, say you can easily scan with in seconds multiple pages and save scanned files for batch processing later.

This app shares in terms of uploading as well as all documents conversions is performed locally right on your's. It mean you can upload documents to cloud storage services including Dropbox, Google Docs or Box.net, Email services or Facebook and twitter that is grantees to go off quickly, without a hitch and without risk of any potentially sensitive information becoming compromised.

Mobile Doc scanner (MD Scane) lite APK


  • Transfer any image in to PDF.
  • Automatically, High quality documents edge detection and perspective correction.
  • Manual free advance image processing to enhance poor quality images and docs.    
  • Quick scan and manage multi page documents on to go.
  • Scan, Upload or send any documents quickly.
  • Cloud storage and social network integration for accessibility and sharing.

Latest version: 3.4.38
Google play install


ZAPYA File Transfer Sharing apk for Android

ZAPYA File Transfer Sharing apk for Android

Size: 10.8 MB
Require: Android 4.1+
Publish date: 20-11-2019


I would like to introduce you a Android tool with which you can send files to other users on a fast and easy way. In fact, the file transfer speed is approximately 100X faster than what you would get with Bluetooth.

The interface of this application is simple and intuitive. It lets you send the files in seconds. There are different screens for different types of files. One for Image, one for videos, one for music and one for apps. Just click on the file that you want to sent , choose the appropriate option.

Once you choose the file you want to sent, users can connect to the group you've created. When they do, they can download the file at approximately 10 meta bytes per seconds. SO you can send files to other Android devices, Other computers or even iOS devices like iPhones or iPads.

ZAPYA File Transfer Sharing apk for Android

It is an excellent tool for transferring files, and it's similar to Xender, The way this work in fact, is almost identical.

Latest Version: 5.8.7 (US)
Google Play install
ZAPYA File Transfer Sharing


AL-Quran (Free) APK

AL-Quran (Free) APK 

Publish date: 06-05-2019
Size: 5.4 MB
Require: Android 4.0+


I would like to introduce you a popular Al-Quran application that all Islamic religion text and smart book through local search engine. 

This app contain Index of the Quran (Holy Islamic text) in addition to smart access that enables access to the setting, search, and my favorites.

When you click on any surah first time, this app will ask about the style of reading you prefer according to your convenience.Clicking on red shaded words will provide you the meaning of Quran in different languages appear to understanding and reading the Quran at once.

In this app full text of the Quran provides memorization features will to levers!
First, ayats (Verses) and 2nd for words in voice for correction of pronunciation of the Quran.

A reader of any Quarnic application ( Religion Islam Text) from aged and children faces the small font size in the Quran and the application that depends on images without zoom options. but Al-Quran (Free) Apk provides speed increase font with 14 different degree without breach the word's or close or crash the application.

You can post the Ayats ( Verses) and Surahs on Facebook,Twitter, and other social media networks. So your friends and contracts will become easily access to Al-Quran by browsing the Ayats (Verses) and Surahs which you posted.

This app is available for all devices that are running Android until the last release without exception. the App provide clear and Ottomani font like Madinah Mushaf.

AL-Quran (Free) APK

Authentication of the app refer to 

  • Sheikh Imam: Meher Ul Maaiqh.
  • Sheikh Imam: Abd El Baset Bdh El Samad.
  • Sheikh Qari: Faras Abbad.
  • Sheikh Imam: Abdul Rehman Al Sudais.
  • Sheikh Imam: Saad Ghamidi.
  • Sheikh Qari: Mahmood Khalil Hosay.
Latest version: 3.3.2
AL-Quran free download for android phone


VLC for Android APK

VLC for Android APK

Publish date: 20-04-2020
Size: 52.3 MB
Require: Android 4.2+


VLC Media player is free and open source cross platform multimedia player which play most of the multimedia files and discs, devices and it also support network streaming protocols.

VLC Android can play videos and audios files and as well as network streaming, shares, drives and DVD iSOS like the desktop version of VLC.

This app is a full audio supported with a complete database an equaliser and filter, playing as weird audio formats.

This is intended for everyone totally free , has no add, no app in purchase, no spying and is developed by passionate volunteers. All the sources codes are available for free. 

VLC for Android APK

Features of VLC:

  • VLC for Android plays most local video and audio files and network streaming, DVD, ISOs, it also support disk shares, MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, Ogg, FLAC, TS, M2TS, WV and ACC. All codes are included with no separate downloads.
  • It support subtitles, Teletext and closed options.
  • It has a media liberary for Android and videos files and it allows to brows folders directly.
  • This app support to multi-track audios, auto rotation, adjustments and gestures to cantoll volume, brightness and seeking.
  • It also a widget for audio control support audio headsets control, cover art and a complete audio media library.
  • It also support audio and video setting directly
As mentioned features and advantage of above we suggest you to download the VLC media Player for free Android app and enjoy with unlimited advantages.

Latest version: 3.2.11

VLC media Player app for cell phone

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