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FireFox OS Simulator

FireFox OS Simulator

                         License:  Free                   Language: English           OS: Win 7
                         Latest Version: 4.0     Size 64.5 MB        Development:  Mozilla


  • Fully functional FireFox OS Simulation.
  • Relatively stable for an experimental build.
  • Speedy performance.
Firefox OS simulator is an add-on for the Firefox browser that will allow you to run Mozilla Firefox mobile OS. 

The Mobile OS space is already crowded with iOS, android,Windows phone and Blackberry but that's not stopping Mozilla from development its own. It no need for fancy hardware, It is early alpha but it proved to be very stable and use able. The emulator worked flawlessly and did not crash. There are elements in the emulator that don't look quite right, such as taxt overlaid on top of other text. This may just be an early (and rough) Build of the FireFox OS.

FireFox OS Simulator

Download for Latest version 41.0a1 

 FireFox OS Simulator

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