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Google Translate APK

Google Translate APK

Publish Date:      21-03-2020
Require:              Android 6.0+
Size:                   25.0 MB


Through this app you can be able to translate your language in to different 90 languages of the world such as African, Albanian, Amharic, Arabic, Armenian, etc. 

Usage of this app:

Make sure the option to delete the language is selected type or speak the text you want to translate and than click go button. The app then translate your word or phrase you can tap on the speaker icom to hear the text. More detail google translate help 
  1.  Type to translate 90 Languages.
  2. Use Your camera to translate text instantly in 26 Languages.
  3. Two-way automatic speed translation in 40 languages.
  4. Draw with your finder as keyboard alternative.
  5. Download language packs for when you are traveling, or if your connection is expensive or slow.
  6. Stare and save translations for future references.
  7. Take pictures of text for higher quality translation or for languages not supported by instant camera translation.
Google Translate APk

Latest Version : 6.6.1.RC09.302039986

Google Translate apk

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