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JOOX Music-Free Streaming APK

JOOX Music-Free Streaming  APK

Published Date: 24-04-2020
Size: 56.5 MB
Require: Android 5.0+


JOOK is here, it's FREE Music Lovers,. Millions of trackers to listen and also you can Download the latest songs for offline play.
Discover great new music with special playlist from our editors that fit your latest and mood, anytime anywhere.

FREE Features:

Huge, Library- Instantly access music from all over the world.
JOOX Radio- Access over 50 radios with an immense number of songs.

History of Joox Music.
Joox is a music streaming service owned by "Tencent" launched on Januray 2015. This is a biggest music streaming app in Asian market such as Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. Joox is a freemium service providing most of its songs free. While there are some songs only for premium users, offer via paid subscriptions or by doing different tasks offered.

In 2017 this start its services in South Africa which is the first non Asian market. The service not accounts for more than 50% of all music streaming app download, in their Asian Market. They forecast their customers reached 87 million by 2020.

Before this QQ Music one of the largest music streaming and download service in China in 2015, the introduce Joox as their playing audio ads to users like spottily, another major service Joox focused on banner ads, splosh ads and other advertisements method such as category playlists and in app skins. they claimed as a success.

Other Features:
1. Joox is a new fashioned app that provides free music service. You can download it for free on app store. On joox you can be able to listen any radio on demand, search tap charts quickly, shuffle and recommended songs, add favorite songs and enjoy other services. Joox is a good start for your music journey.

JOOX Music-Free Streaming  APK
2. Auto download is only availabe to joox vip. Open the desired playlist and enable "auto download" Joox will download music in the play list automatically when you're using WI-fi.
3. Services for Joox Vip.
a. Unlimited skips get joox vip to enjoy unlimited song skips.
b. Ad Free: listen to music without ads.
c. Offline listening: Enjoy songs downloaded as often as you want.
d. Quality Streaming: Immerse yourself with CD sound quality songs.
e. Play on demand: Play any songs, any time.
Advantages of JOOX Music Streaming App, List:
1. Complete Music Collection:
Artist, genre, or your favorite song and find everything in JOOX. This application has a treasury of songs that is more compel than any other music application. JOOX features the top charts and new release which allows you to keep up to date on the development of music throughout the world. With a collection of countless of these, you can also become a DJ by creating you own track-list and shore them with your friends.
Free Radio:
If you do not have an idea to start exploring JOOX also feature free Radio where you can listen to the songs selection of professional editors in the field of music, who can accompany you wait queues, exercise and other activities.

Latest Version: 5.6.4

JOOX Music-Free Streaming

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