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Master for Minecraft- Launcher APK

Master for Minecraft- Launcher APK

Publish date: 21-12-2018
Size: 24.5 MB
Require: 4.0.3+


This is an app to manage everything related to minecraft- pocket edition game. Two things are more important to understand. First This app was not developed by Mojang: and the second thing is that this app is not comparable with the lite (free) version of Minecraft.

It is a very simple to use and user friendly interface. It has different sections, maps, skins, textures, mods and seeds. Every section you will see a full list of all the available items, each has its won description. This App need Minecraft pocket Editor which you can download google play.

Master for Minecraft- Launcher APK
Player: Invincible/ Fly/ Sprint.
Game: Change weather /time/ mode/ show HP
Item: Too many items / enchant/ mobs.
Local sever: Transfer to friends

Latest Version: 2.1.89

Master for Minecraft

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