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My Passwords APK

My Passwords APK


It looking for secure way of all your passwords? This application will help you to store all your password easily and safely suing advance encryption standard (AES-256) encryption.
The only thing you to do is to remember a master which is used a encryption key. Each time you want to lookup a stored password, you will use your master password on your fingerprint to enter the application.
  • Quick and easy access via master password.
  • AES-256 data encryption.
  • internet or any other unnecessary permission are not require.
  • Create strong password using the built in password general.
  • Auto exit when the screen turn off.
  • Multiple windows support:
Backup and Restore:
If you multiple devices, you can share your password to all you devices with out having to retype them using drop box more it to another device where it can be restored using the same master password.
  • To backup your database please go to: more database-backup-data
  • To Restore your database please go to: more database-restore-data

  1. it is strongly recommended that you backup you encrypted data base at regular intervals.
  2. If the master password is lost the stored data connect be recovered because of the missing sync option.
  3. You can group and sort you entries by color.
My Passwords APK
Publish date: 10-10-2016
Size: 3.5 MB
Require: 4.4+
Latest Version: 6.0.0
My Passwords

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