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Downloader and Private Browser

Downloader and Private Browser

Size: 10.2 MB
Publish date: 18-10-2018
Require: Android 4.1+


Downloader and Private Browser is a browser that stands out for its security and user privacy. In fact it's so secure that while you've using it you won't ever able to take screen shots with your phone.

You can download and save any type of life to the phone's memory, and have as many downloads as you want  going at the same time. These will be filed in different folders depending on their type. videos, images, music, documents etc.

Another interesting option in downloader and private browser lets you password protect your downloads.Thanks to this you can download anything without worrying that someone else might pickup your Android Device and access it.

The best part of downloader and private browser in any case , is that when you access a website that has video on it. The app will recognize ti and let you download it directly to your phone's memory. It also comes with an integrated player that works with MP4, M4V, Muv, MOv, 3Gp and M3us formats.

Downloader and Private Browser is a powerful browser whose main drawback is its ads. That's a problem when there are other very good browser out there don't have any.

Downloader and Private Browser

Latest Version: 2.4.59

Private Browser  

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