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Easy- Downloader v2.3.3 for Android

Easy- Downloader v2.3.3 for Android 

Size: 1.63 MB
Require: Android 2.2+
Dated: 18-04-2014

The Best way to download any file on an Android device.


Easy dwonloader is comprehensive tool that allows you to safely download any file or documents directly to your Android device with out having to worry about the usual problems you run into an on mobile devices. 
In addition, the application allows you to organize all documents files by sorting them in to different folders like Videos, Documents, Images, APKs files, etc for even better storage. 
Easy downloader is fully compatible with almost all browsers for Android , like Dolphin, Sky fire, and Firefox. It also download multiple files simultaneously. what's more, you can also pause downloads and resume them at any time.

Beyond being compatible with these browsers, one of the most interesting features of easy downloader is that it lets you brows and download directly from its interface. Its interface is simple, easy and light, excellent for its purpose.

While downloading, you will see individual progress bars for each of the files you have in the queue, Adding a new download to this list is as copying and pasting the like.

Easy downloader is a handy tool for any user of Android devices who uses their phone for downloads as it will not only make this process easier, but much clear, too.

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Easy- Downloader for Android

Latest Version: 2.3.3
Easy- Downloader

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