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Google Play Movies and TV Apk

Google Play Movies and TV Apk 

Rent films Google Play directly from your Cell phone.

Size: 18.6 MB
Require: Android 6.0+
Publish date: 27-01-2020

Google Play movies is an official application from Google for streaming rented movies on an Android terminal.

You will find over a thousand movies available to rent ranging from new released to old classics, all available in high definition and ready to watch on your smart phone or tablet whenever you want. All your need is an internet connection to stream the movie.

Along with all your rented movies, you can use the google play interface to watch any type of video, so you can watch, all your home movies as if they were Hollywood blockbusters.

Google Play Movies, while it needs some improvement, is a great application to watch movies and above all start enjoying Google's new movie service.

Google Play Movies and TV:    

Google play movies and TV is an online video on demand service operated by Google Movies and TV shows can be viewed on Google Play website or via the google play movies and TV application. Which is available for Android, iOS and Roku devices. some titles are only available for rental or purchase while others are available via both. Alternatively, you can download movies for offline viewing and view them later using the mobile app.

Google play movies and TV is available in 102 countries and TV Shows available only in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, United States and United Kingdom.

Google Play Movies and TV Apk
Lets Click for Version: V - 4.17.34

Google Play Movies

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