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Size: 9.59 MB
Publish date: 11-05-2015
Require: Android 2.2+


Outlook.com is an e-mail tool specially designed so the users of Microsoft's e-mail client can manage their e-mail in the most comfortable way from their mobile terminals.

Like most of these types of applications, outlook.com includes emerging notifications each time we receive an e-mail (although this can be deactivated), calendar and contracts synchronization and visualization and synchronization of directories.

As well as of this the application will allow us to have multiple e-mail accounts open at the same time. Of course, when we wait to write an e-mail, we can choose amongst them, add attachments and everything else we could do from the computer version.

Outlook.com is a very useful e-mail management tool which will be very comfortable for those who use the workstation version. this is a good way to be always up to date with incoming e-mails.

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