Night Vision Camera for Android Free Downloading

Night Vision Camera for Android Free Downloading 

Size: 0.39 MB
Require: Android 2.3+
Publish date: 22-09-2012


Basic problem of device camera in the dark; Night Vision Camera will auto adjustment of image parts to improve in low conditions. Just released one of the most important entertaining and additive free driving game made for Android.

Save image just a click on image, control camera flash to maximize visibility support front camera can be used to create cool photos in well lighted situations. Also try adjusting the light sensitivity know issues: Image orientation is incorrect on same tables.

Night Vision Camera for Android Free Downloading

Disclaimer: Phone camera don't involve usage of infrared, final quality vision is determined by your phone camera. This app takes all our it's up to the device how well you see in the dark.

You can always use this app just for creating cool looking photos. 

 Latest version: 1.1.5

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