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Google Pay APK free download for your android phone

Google Pay APK free download for your android phone

Publish date: 28-01-2020
Size: 15.9 MB
Require: 5.0+

If you want to adding a new card from any participating Bank, Snap a picture via the app. That's it. Simply unlock your phone and tap to use android pay at any countless payment terminal. More than 42 banks and credit unions supporting android pay in the US and Australia. This facility also available in more other countries specific banks such as UK. these information you can get form your near android pay banks and credit unions.

Google android pay is a simple and safe way to pay with your Android Phone and smartwatches at above one million stores at different location of US and UK and some other countries of the world such as Canada, Ireland,Poland,Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Belgium, Japan. Russia and New Zealand.

It  available in Google Pay finance category and the developer of this app is Google Inc. If you install and set up this app properly in your mobile phone or smartwatch with Google pay chip for make an easily and safe make of payments with any retailer that has a con-tactless terminal. 

Every time you just visit to store where you want to pay, Just open your smartphone or Smartwatch and hold this device near the payment system and the transaction will be carried out automatically. Remember that you can be use this to pay in place where the point of sale terminal supports con-tactless payments, the same once needed in order to pay by holding your card over them.

Google Android pay is not supporting for all banks and phones, it only support Android 4.4 and  smart watches, which properly installed this app and attached with google pay chip, that have near field communication and host emulation capabilities. As well as some banks provided this facility. Most new phones do head to the communication settings and look for options to enable it.

How you set up and use Android Pay:

Before you start android pay you will need to setup the app and add your credit card, debit cards and a security option than it will further help for use Click for details

Google Pay APK free download for your android phone

  • It keep your information safe, your actual number is never shared.
  • Android pay work with cards from most  banks developed countries.
  • A virtual number is used for your account information. 
  • Gaining access to Google wallet on mobile device.
  • Making point of sale purchase with a google wallet card.
  • withdrawing cash with a google wallet card and an ATM

 Latest version: 2.104.286073543
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Google Pay for android phone

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