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APK Editor APK Free download for your Android

APK Editor APK Free download for your Android

Size: 9.5 MB
Publish date: 08-11-2017
Require: Android 3.2+

APK Editor is a package file format for using of android operating system for distribution and installation of mobile applications and middle-ware. APK files are analogous to other software packages such as APPX in Microsoft windows or Deb packages in Debian based operating system like Ubuntu. To make an apk file , a program for android is first compiled and than all of its parts are packaged into one file.

An Apk file contains all of that program's code (Such as ".dox" files) resources, assets, certificates and manifest files. An in the case with many file formats Apk files can have any name needed, provided that the file name ends in ".apk"

Apk files are a type of archive files, specially in Zip format packages based on the JAR file formats with .apk as the filename extension. The MIME type associated with Apk files is application/vnd.android.package-archive. 
Your are downloading APK Editor APK for your android to get a powerful tool that can edit/hack the files to do lots of changes with fun. It can help you to do things like string localisation, background image replacement, layout, re-architecture and even ad eliminating removing etc. What it can do depend on how you use it. Hove every it use it well, it need only little skills.

Through this app you can choose two type of editing. Full Editing which lets you rebuild files from an APK. and the second is Simple Edit, which lets you replace the files inside an apK. First one is more complex than the second one.

Use of APK Editor:

First of course you will need to obtain the .apk file that you want to edit there are two methods to do it: Step 1:
1. If you have the recovery flash-able zip for the rom you are currently on simply open it up, navigate to the file which you want to edit (in some cases. system--app--setting .apk) file into your desktop.
2. Using root browser or a similar app on your device, navigation to the .apk you wish to edit and copy it in to your SD Card. than connect your computer and copy the file from your phone to the computer.
Step 2: Install WinRar by clicking the lind of WinRar. Open the .apk by right clicking the file--open with--winRar . now you can look around the .apk file. Find a file inside the .apk which you want to edit (in case i am going to navigate to res--mipmap--hdpi--ic--launcher--setting.png). Just drag the file from the .apk and edit to your liking.
3rd Step: Put it back on your device to see the changes in effect, there's no point having it on your computer. There are two ways to go about this.
1. Open your rom and navigate to the place where you look your .apk file from. click on the old .apk file and press the delete button. Now drag your new edited .apk file in to the zip, than connect your device to your computer and drag the rom into the SDCard and flash it vie recovery . Now reboot the system and see your changes in effect.

APK Editor APK Free download for your Android
  • Permission Remover Features.
  • Change apk signature with apk deitor
  • Hack game resources.
  • Built in hack app data option.
  • Select any apk file to edit with this app.
  • You can also select apk file from the app directly.
  • The app has auto run manager features.
  • Modify any apk file and edit any apk file.
  • Manage auto run of an application.
  • Hack data of an application.
  • Modify a game value
  • Change any file extension name.

Latest version: 1.8.20

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