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Temple Run Game 

Temple run game is endless 3D video game is published by "Imangi Studios". It is produced, designed and programmed by a husband and wife team Keith Shepherd and Natalia Luckyanova and with art and Kint Tchonogov. This game initially realised for iOS devices, and later ported to Android system and windows phones.

According to Shepherd, the three people who made Temple Run -- him , his wife Natalia Luckyanova and Artist Kiril Tchangove took a conservative approach to development, building and game in five months and hoping it would become a hit that didn't leave a lot of time for bells and whistles although one could argue that Temple Run, like many mobile games, struck a chart because the core experience is so easy to grasp while being additive.  

As Sequel to the oregional game released on January 17. 2013 for iOS and on January 24 for Android. As of January 14 Temple run and its sequel have been downloaded over one billion times.

Temple run game is a full of action game, Full of concentration and timing decision taking game. When you start this game while dodging the many different kinds of obstacles during your way.

Some other running games than Temple Run, which the control are limited to jumping to dodge objects, in this game you have to do several different things, slide your finger across the scree of your iPhone to get your character to turn corners, more the iOS device from one side to another so your character runs more to the left or right side, swipe upwards for him to jump and download to get him crouch.

During your run to avoid different obstacles which contain gaps, tree branches and traps, you must collect the coins possible. You can also purchase several different improvements for your character such as magic and special skills.

This is a well graphics and designed character model and textures that generally are well executed. The design isn't bad either, which helps give the overall appearance a comfortable look.

Temple run is a very interesting run game with full control that fit for iPhone and iPad. It is a great game and i suggest you to download the game and enjoy your free time with your iPhone and iPad and android phone.

Temple Run Game for android mobile phone
Features of Temple Run:
  • Free downloading for iPhone and iPad.
  • Beautiful and new graphics.
  • Magnificent organic environment. 
  • New obstacles 
  • More power ups.
  • More achievements.
  • Special opportunities for new characters. 
There are more than millions of Android phone users around the glob play this game on their android, iPhone, iPad and other devices and they are giving positive feed back about this application.

Latest version: 1.12.0
Dated: 12-12-2019
Size: 37.46 MB

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