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Basic guide fof Accounting Software

Basic guide for Myob (ABSS) Accounting Software


I present here a basic guide for beginner  Mayob (ABSS) accounting software.  MYOB mean my own business. it is a software for your business for recording  your business transaction in a systematical ways. It is an Australian based software. It was founded in early 1980s, a team of developers at Teleware, Inc, who purchased by best software Inc, in 1993. In 1997 entered into on agreement with best software to buy the company MYOB and brought the intellectual property rights to software. In 1999 data Tech changed its name to MYOB limited and listed on Australian Stock Exchange on 9th July, 1999.

MYOB accounting software is an mobile application who help you, use of this software for your business transaction, book keeping as well as easily understanding the booking of your bills, invoices, accounting cycle for updates of your specific transaction and whole business accounts.
By the use of this application you will know about the below understandings:
1. What is accounting software MAYOB?
2. Features in software that will beneficial for your business.
3. Tips and tricks of this software.
4. Know about the questions that burning your mind about this software.
5. Free downloading process. 
There are 4 main tasks performed on a daily basis:

  • To create delivery order and invoice with print out.
  • Make purchase order and bring the stick for your business need.
  • Recording payments/ receipts and print official receipts.
  • Recording payments to your suppliers, receipt from your customers. It also support printing of cheques.

Basic guide for Myob (ABSS) Accounting Software
What features does MYOB offer?
  1. Online Word.
  2. GST calculation and tracking.
  3. To manage invoices, bills and statements.
  4. Accept payments from invoices.
  5. Record sell goods and services.
  6. To recording of payments of expenses.
  7. Listing of customers and suppliers.
  8. Manage bank feeds such as bank accounts and credit cards.
  9. Automatic calculation of payroll and real time access for employees.
MYOB accounting software also offer apps for IOS(apple) and android versions. It Provide accounting rights for making accounts and easy manage and perform accounting transections when you are on the way or any other palace other than your office. Through this app you can create invoices, bills or any other transaction just your mobile phone or smart phone.

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